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Supporting Your Continuing Development as a  Skilled Professional in Alternative Commercial Finance ...

Headquartered in Gaithersburg MD, US Global is a independant subsidary of Internaional association of commercial finance brokers representing the world's independant community of brokers, intermediaries and consultants operating as loan advisors and agents in the asset based lending(ABL) and alternative commercial finance industries(ACF), we actively promote the continued growth and development of financing alternatives for small and mid-size business owners worldwide. Through our knowledge base, clients are able to rapidly gain know how in new and developing areas of alternative commercial finance, ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of alternative financing .

At US Global, our goals and objectives are to...
• Provide our customers with the best possible funding sources.
• generally improve educational standards in the ABL / ACF brokering industry .
• educate business owners regarding the use and availability of trained brokers and intermediaries to assist in sourcing financing alternatives available within the industry.
• serve as an knowledge base where customers & clients can get information about the industry and its products.
• introduce the advanced alternative commercial finance concepts and products of our Lender members to intermediaries such as commercial and community banks, CPAs and accounting professionals, commercial insurance professionals, and others.

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